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Companion /Homemaker Services

Where friendship and good care go hand in hand

We know you do your best to check in on and maybe even shop for your loved one too. You do your best to drive them to doctors appointments in Port St Lucie, FL, and help them  pay the bills...as well as so many other countless tasks. But you can’t be there every minute of the day. And if you are there for them constantly, the burnout can be real. That’s where our caregivers can help.

Quality Senior Companionship

Our professional caregivers act as trusted partners to your aging family members while offering a friendly ear and capable hands. Your loved ones benefit from consistent human interaction, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family member is safe and cared for.

Companionship Care Benefits & Activities

Our  caregivers provide the healthy interactions and activities that promote physical and cognitive health. Your care will be individualized for your family and may include these activities and many others:

  • Meal preparation to help ensure nutrition needs are met
  • Conversation and discussion of current and historic events to help sharpen memory
  • Crafting and playing games for mental stimulation
  • Reminiscing as an enjoyable pastime
  • Outings to promote socialization
  • ​Scrapbooking as a creative outlet
  • Outdoor activities like gardening for fitness
  • Walking outside to promote an active lifestyle

Homemaker Services

Everyone enjoys a clean home, but for the elderly or disabled, even simple housekeeping tasks can become unmanageable. An untidy home can contribute to feelings of depression, isolation, and hopelessness – it can even be dangerous, increasing the risk of injury or illness. And it may also be the first sign your loved one is struggling and needs extra help at home.

When you choose homemaker services, you’re choosing someone to take care of the little things -- freshly prepared meals, no obstacles in the hallways to trip over, and clean clothes to wear. If you’re looking into homemaking services, help usually means an extra hand with daily tasks. Homemaker services for the elderly, seniors, and disabled adults can be a full-time role, or it can be a few hours a week as added support for family caregivers. Your time with your family is precious, and you shouldn’t have to spend it doing chores!

This brief listing can’t begin to convey all the benefits our  caregivers bring to your family. Give us a call at (772) 742-2260 to start a conversation about how your family in Port St Lucie, FL may benefit from companionship and quality in-home caregiving.

Friendship meets senior homecare

Friendship meets senior homecare